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We believe that every woman is capable of building a successful business –  Women in Business Club community is dedicated to providing resources and support to help women grow and succeed personally and professionally.

WB  Club partner with diverse team of professionals on a mission to empower women to thrive in Steam.
Our mentorship program is designed to empower women ensuring they are primed for success in their careers. through impactful action in four core areas:  Business, Events  Networking.

Business : Our mentoring program facilitates the exchange of invaluable knowledge by connecting experienced professionals with rising talents. ​

Events:  We host exclusive events, fostering networking opportunities that empower women to enhance their perspectives.



Juliana Viana is a media entrepreneur and visionary leader committed to driving positive and positive change through communications. As the Founder and CEO of Prime Agency Media Group, Juliana has spearheaded the power of communications.

Under Juliana’s leadership, Prime Agency Media Group operates five media brands specialists in Marketing, Public relations, Newsletter & information, Technology, Visual Media & Arts.

In her unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment, Juliana stands as a dedicated advocate for the rights and potential of women.

Her passion it’s a deeply rooted conviction that every woman deserves equal opportunities, recognition, and the chance to thrive.

To empower women and foster their career development, Juliana has founded the Prime WB Club.

In her role as a mentor, she provides her expertise through exclusive mentorship programs focused on personal branding and public image. 



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